When to shower?

Ok this might be a bit odd of a question but I am curious if you find its better to shower before bed or after you get up in the morning. I am trying to develop a morning routine and showering before bed would allow me to get up in the morning and get started immediately. This might be completely trivial in reality but I am curious what the focused community thinks.


I don’t think there’s a right answer - it depends how you feel, what you do when, and your daily life.

Personally, I shower in the morning like most Americans (Westeners?) do. If I don’t, I feel gross during the day. However, my East Asian friends, particularly Japanese, would never go to bed without a bath or shower. I also have thinner hair which needs to be washed unless I want to look terrible :smile:

I work out in the morning (when I do work out…) before my shower, which is another reason to shower in the morning for me. I am also sometimes out pretty late so I wouldn’t always be able to shower before bed.

That said in the heat of summer I often have a quick night shower because of all the sweating that occurs.

You sweat and shed skin during sleep. A morning shower should be a must.

Evening for me. When I was younger it had to be morning.

I can’t start my day without a shower, but I do a very early gym routine now so that makes it even a bigger necessity. However, there are some nights I just feel dirty from walking around the city etc so I might jump in for quick shower before bed as a second.

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I work from home and usually shower after I exercise, which is usually in the afternoon. Often it’s as late as the early evening, just before dinner.

However, if I’m going out for the day, or if I’m traveling, I shower first thing in the morning.

I’m a fan of the evening shower, but I used to be a die-hard morning showerer. I feel an evening shower is relaxing and helps me sleep better.

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Same for me, helps me wind-down from the day and shifts me into relax-mode.

I’m a morning shower person, because I work out in the morning before work (pardon the pun). However, I don’t think there’s a right answer here, as people have already stated.

Different cultures have different preferences. But if you sleep with someone they’d probably prefer you shower before you climb in bed with them.

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there isn’t a right answer but I also wanted to see what people thought from a productivity/focus standpoint

Hey Everyone, I wanted to give some further context to my question. I have eczema which if you aren’t aware is a type of dermatitis. So due to this showering and getting ready can take 40-60 minutes due to the extra care I have to take for my skin.

If I could shower and be ready in 20 minutes this would be less of a question.

I think given that specific situation, the evening/night seems like a reasonable choice, especially if it feels like it is hindering the start of your day to do it in the morning.

For the winter I get a shower the night before because the cold, dark, hateful stepping out of the shower into a cold bathroom sucks!

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I live in Spain and due to the heat I often shower three times a day! Always first thing in the morning though, I feel dirty otherwise (mainly because I refuse to use air con at night as it makes me cough).

I’m going to give you a really odd reply and the reasons. Showers in our house are usually mid day on a sunny day. I don’t need to shower every day, the sheep don’t care and in fact prefer it if I smell the same. Ditto for the guard dogs. Showers are before heading into town. I also prefer to have my hair dry before I go to bed.

The primary reason for that timing is that we have a solar hot water system and multiple solar electric systems. For best efficiency our major hot water and electricity use (showers, laundry etc) are best done on sunny days in the middle of the day. It helps that town errands are almost always done in the afternoon after late chores so we can end up at the pub for a pint. :wink:


Once a month whether I need it or not :grinning: To take this back on topic as it were I will say that I fear that one day I will take my airpods in there with me. I sometimes forget I have them in. I have dropped them in water twice now. Dried them with a hairdryer as I picked them out very quickly. They work fine still. See how long they last.

I still think it’s a matter of your personal preferences and priorities, even under your circumstances.

I consider a morning shower as essential to my day-starting mindset as breakfast and a cup of coffee. It definitely has an impact on how effective I am at being productive throughout my day — or at the very least it has an impact on my perception of how effective I am at being productive. And that matters to me.

One reason is that I seem to be generally more oily and sweaty than the average person. I know I will not be as presentable in public as I like to be through most of the day if I don’t take a shower in the morning. That affects my mindset.

Keeping my face relatively clean-shaven until 5 p.m. is another priority for me, and I always shave in the shower.

So if my shower routine suddenly required 40 to 60 minutes instead of the 10 or 15 it requires now, I would still prefer building that time into my morning routine. Maybe eventually I would reassess and find a rationale for a different approach based on lack of sleep, when I can reasonably expect to get to bed each night, how formal I feel my workplace requires me to be, etc. But my default would be to try to make it work in the morning because of how I prefer to feel when I leave the house.

Obviously only you can decide how important that would be to you.

This is the most unexpectedly interesting topic we’ve seen on the MPU forum yet!


And, what’s wrong with both times??? Where I live (Thailand) the weather is quite often warm. It’s rare when I don’t take one in the morning (to get me moving for the day) and another before bed (to wash the day off and relax me). During the hot times, I’ll also do one when I get home from work and, possibly, one in the early evening. As we used to say in the 60s, “If it feels good, do it!”