When you need to listen to audio on your 2016 MacBook Pro, so you pull the headphones out of the lightning port of your iPhone and

so frustrating.

Just saying…

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Right on! And I called Apple to inquire about a 3.5 to lightning adapter.

“Nope, no such critter.”


I looked for the same thing on Amazon. Nuthin. Argh!

Yes…very annoying. That is why I still buy headphones with standard 3.5mm headphone jack and Aldo buy the 3.5mm to lightning adaptor. This way I can use with both MacBook Pro and iPhone.

i have been avoiding this, since I use the headphones for my iphone 80% of the time. but carrying 2 headsets seems even crazier.

Ah, but to get the full Apple Experience, you are expected to buy the AirPods, you see :wink:

(Me, I carry two headsets and an audio interface that connects through the Lightning to USB connector…)

To be clear, I only have one headphone with a small adaptor. See photos:

IMG_2616 IMG_2617

As you said, I also use mine for my iPhone 80% of the time, but if I want to use it with my MacBook Pro, I can easily pop the lightning adaptor off (the key is not to lose it since the adaptor is kind of small). :slight_smile:

I love my AirPods, but they are now two years old so I get about 45 minutes at the most and then it’s back to something with a wire!

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Airpods have 1-year warranties but if you('d) bought with the right AmEx or Visa/Mastercard Gold card the warranty would be automatically doubled and you might well be covered for battery replacement.

Would any of these work?

So I’m a tech journalist and I am at a conference – not the Apple announcement, the one I’m at is Mobile World Congress in LA. The speaker this morning was Marcelo Claure, head honcho at Sprint. He talked fast and I wasn’t sure I got everything. No problem though – I’ve got my trusty Sony digital recorder, and I can just plug it in to my MacBook Pro and listen with my AirPods and AARGH THE RECORDER IS USB TYPE A AND I LEFT MY FREAKING DONGLE IN THE HOTEL ROOM!!!

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Part of being a pro is being prepared for the job

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Boy, do I relate. It’s easy to say, “it’s one dongle, so how did you forget?” But I now need s handful of dongles for different emergencies. And that can get hard to keep track of.

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