Where are iOS audio messages saved? (They are not in voice memos anymore)

When you send an audio message to someone in Messages, you can long press on the message and have the option “save.” After pressing save, nothing happens. The audio message is not in the Voice Memos app nor is it in photos. Anyone know where they are “saved”?

Edit: The message in question is an adorable message from my three-year old exclaiming his love for his mom.

Sounds like save isn’t really working. The work around is to use Copy instead and then you can paste into Notes for saving.

Thanks so much! I am not sure how I did not come across this in all my searches prior to posting. I appreciate the help.

The other method I happened on is right clicking the message on the Mac and showing in Finder. From there, you can open the audio files and export them to another format. It seems Apple treats these audio files in odd ways and that treatment is determined by the file type.

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