Where are the content creators? (youtube,bloggers etc)

I Have a few questions as I’m starting off an app review (non productivity) channel -

How or rather what products do you use to make thumbnails? I primarily work from ipad and would like recommendations for iOS? I don’t need adobe pro type products more so just being able to create flashy simple graphics using text and images

also in general if you could talk about your work flows I"m just looking for tips as I start off

My set up thus far:

  • domain/wordpress is on Hostgator
  • Screen Flow 8 on mac for videos (def recommended over Camtasia)
  • writing - google docs… mainly bc where I work i can’t always have my ipad or personal laptop; google docs formatting is painful going back to the wordpress - I may move to bear which means learning markdown but i’m too overwhelmed for this switch right now