Where does Craft store user documents?

I’m test-driving Obsidian, Notebooks, and Craft as potential respositories for language-learning materials, and especially, linked notes. One thing I like about Obsidian and Notebooks (as well as Devonthink, which I use extensively for other purposes) is that 1) I know where my stuff is and 2) my stuff is either on a drive under my control or in my Dropbox account.

However I can’t quite figure out where my Craft documents are stored. Per the documentation Craft “always stores all your documents on your device as well,” but I haven’t been able to sort out where. (I’ve only used the Mac version so far.)

Can anyone tell me where to find my Craft documents?

I have to admit that I’m not wild about Craft’s storage limits (10gb for the paid version) given that I have have many, many terabytes of storage available to me elsewhere … but I’d like to give it a fair test anyway.

I…don’t know. But in the next couple weeks they will be providing the option to specify a location to store documents in an Obsidian-compatible format


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They are using AWS


Apologies, I jus saw you are asking where on your device does Craft store the documents.

Thanks for the link. If the offline spaces feature materializes as described, the app will be much more attractive. I don’t think I’d use it as a full-fledged document repository (that’s what Devonthink is for) but it might be a good choice for media-heavy notes.

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« Obsidian compatible » seems a bit of a stretch: there certainly won’t be any interoperability between the Obsidian specifics of Markdown and Craft’s data format.

Still, I always applaud the ability to own your data, and that might make it possible to roll your own E2EE solution.

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Craft’s implementation of Markdown appears to be pretty limited. I tried importing an Obsidian note containing a Markdown table and the result was not pretty. (And, if there’s a way of creating a table in Craft, I haven’t stumbled across it yet.)

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The alphabet is 'Obsidian compatible". :blush: