Where have my Home Scenes gone?

I’m not sure when this happened but I can’t find any of my non-favorite Home scenes. They’re still there because I can trigger via Siri but I can only see and edit those that were previously set as favorites.

Maybe they are hidden because you’re in a focus mode?

Yes, focus mode has basically a limited set of home screens.

No I think you may have misread what I wrote. It’s not missing home screens but, rather, missing scenes in the Home app for controlling groups of HomeKit accessories.


I mis-read too!

Have you gone to a light in a scene, then scrolled down to find the scenes it is in?

The scenes were showing up in a couple of third party apps but were all empty. Weird. I used one of those apps to delete them all and am just rebuilding them again. That’s one way to clean out the unused cruft!

Holy cow, misread indeed.
Sorry about that.
About the actual topic, I don’t have any smart home devices so I can’t help in this front. Hope somebody can shed a light on this.