Which 5k iMac processor?

I’m helping my dad pick a new 27" 5k iMac. His most challenging computing needs are opening way too many word documents, and regularly searching through 25 years worth of files.

I’ve recommended getting an SSD and 16GB of ram, but I don’t know which processor to choose.

Would the cheapest i5 be adequate? He keeps his computer for 5-7 years, will that run future versions smoothly?

The answer really is :man_shrugging: when it comes to guessing the future on those kinda timeframes, but the base 3.4GHz chip is probably going to be good enough, we are seeing quite a slowdown in CPU performance increases year over year.

As far as I can see the most likely need to upgrade a computer with that kinda workload is if apple comes along and adds some special sauce that you want like FaceID.

So that is my vague, i don’t want to be even remotely responsible for other people’s decisions half recommendation, which I never wish to be held accountable for.

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Agree with Lars but nothing wrong with getting a rotational drive, then when it finally fails replacing it with a SSD which should be cheaper than Apple charge from purchase right now. But always spend as much as you can afford to get the longest life possible, My previous iMac a 20" dual core 2 lasted 10 years before my son took it on, my current iMac is the 2017 27" 5K 4.2GHz and I’m looking for it to see me out :smile:

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