Which is most secure? Apple Notes, Obsidian, Craft?

Notes with a password set on them. Apple published a pretty good document about the additional encryption involved.

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That’s interesting, I had been wondering about the security of locked notes. Now if only I could attach a PDF to a Apple Note and then lock it…

Hi Rosemary: Where do you store your data with Obsidian? Thank you

If you had to decide, which 4 do you suggest? Thank you

I trust the encryption Apple gives us 100%. Why? Because tey MUST provide a secure storage! Imagine the impact if someone would breach their storage. The same goes for Google and MS btw, but I’d rather use Apple because it’s built in in all of my devices.

Next question, as someone already pointed out, that I always tell my clients is: What’s your current threat? If you work with nuclear schematics you need better security than doing homedesign. Keep it simple and don’t overthink it.


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Obsidian Sync vs iCloud, which one would you suggest? Thank you

I use Obsidian Sync but on one machine (and only one machine) double sync it to Dropbox. This allows me to easily create files and folders inside Obsidian Vaults for those things that I need automation for.

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