Which M1 Mac can handle two 27” 4K monitors?

I have 2 27” 4K monitors that I’d like to power with a MacBook Pro, and my current 2017 MacBook is not powerful enough to handle them both. Which version of the MacBook Pro will be able to handle both of these guys without lag?

None of the M1s for sure.

The only M1 Mac available at present that can handle more than one external display is the M1 Mac mini, which can drive one 6K display (via Thunderbolt) and one 4K display (via HDMI).

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Have you tried that? Is it a good experience?

No personal experience. Based solely on Apple’s Tech Specs page.

I am trying to accomplish the same thing (2 monitors on MacMini M1). My AppleCare Senior tech has requested help from Engineering Dept as I can not get it to work using 2 new LG monitors one on the HDMI port the other Thunderbolt - only the Thunderbolt port will drive a monitor.