Which Mac released today will @macsparky own before the month is over?

Are we making guesses?

put me down for at least a base Mac Mini for the new studio…


:grinning: He said he is satisfied that he doesn’t think he will change his unit…sound like déjà vu


Probably not this year, but I bet he will buy a M3 Mac Studio for his studio in 2024. How could he resist?

I think you’re right. He stated on MPU that he’s not gonna buy a Mac this year. (As I recall, his comments following that statement were a little less bold.) Unless, maybe, a family member needs one of his current Macs, then he could give them his MBP and buy a new Mac as a replacement. You gotta do what you gotta do for the family. I, too, may have used this strategy in the past (once, maybe twice). Hope you know, we’re just messing with you, Sparky. :crazy_face:

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I’m going to guess nothing at all.

Personally my MacStudio and MacBook Air M2 will be lasting for many years to come. I downgraded from a MacBook Pro 16" to the Air and couldn’t be more happy about that decision (it was a work allocated machine, thought I’d give it a try, but just too big and heavy for mobile working).

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