Which macbook version should I get for video editing?

Currently, I’m looking for a suggestion to purchase my new laptop. I’ve already looked at several good laptops from the Apple MacBook series, but I’m not sure which one I should choose. I’m unable to make a final decision until now, as I’m lacking knowledge regarding this subject. Below is a list of specifications I need on my laptop, as well as the lists of editing software. Which I’d like to use with no problems or lag. Please check and suggest to me the best one.

Spec’s Requirements:

Processor: Apple M1 or M1 Pro

Display: FHD or XDR

Storage: At least 1 TB

RAM: At least 16 GB

Graphics: 8-core / 16-core GPU

Software lists:

Photoshop (latest version)
Gravit Designer
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
DaVinci Resolve
HitFilm Express
adobe after effects

Does this site providing MacBook Pro legal price, because I have faced some issues with our country reseller, they’re charging too much price than the official price. Should I take from this site, I am also seeking this advice.

I have already posted on some Mac communities such as insanelymac, mac help, and macobserver, but still, I didn’t get any good suggestions about this price.

Hope I will receive my best suggestions from macpowerusers community. Thanks in advance

Does it have to be a laptop? It sounds like you would benefit from high performance, large storage (2TB, at least) and a quality external display. The M1 Max Mac Studio with an external monitor would be a good option here. To save money, you could buy 512GB storage and permanently attach a large external SSD.

If you need a laptop, you’d probably want the 16” and M1 Max.

Can’t speak to your reseller situation. Perhaps you can find a way to buy the laptop from another country’s retailer.

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Can’t speak if the M1 Max or Ultra is best for you since I’m still using an intel MBP but you definitely need a larger storage than 1TB as you need to swap a lot of video files.

I’m a designer who does a bit of editing as a hobby and use daVInci Resolve. All of this apps are RAM hungry and requires higher GPU especially when you run them side by side. All MBP are using Retina displays so they have at least 2K display.

If you do need a laptop, the 16" MBP is the best option for you. You can start there and increase your storage to more than 1TB, 32GB RAM and a higher GPU. You can play around with what you can afford from there. I also suggest that you get an extra 4K monitor if you need to edit 4K videos.

I’d also direct you to what @cornchip has suggested. A M1 Max Mac Studio with an external display. It will perform better than a MacBook Pro with your editing needs.