Which watch faces do you wish you liked?

I feel like when I see the new faces that will come out with new Watch OS, I get excited and cant wait to use them, because they look great. However, when they come out I find I don’t use the ones I was excited about because for whatever reason they just don’t work practically for me. I am wondering if you guys have similar experiences? If so what faces do you wish you liked more (or do you wish worked better for you)?
A good example for me is the Numerals Mono. I think it looks great, but I just cant use it day to day.

On a side note, I felt this was about the Watch OS 6 Solar face, but have been using it for a week and am surprised how much I am liking it and enjoying the data.

I wish I liked the Siri face but I find it has become really buggy recently. I used to use it at work to view upcoming calendar events, but now it has an annoying bug where the calendar events do not appear most of the time. Restarting the watch always fixes it, but having to do this before I use it each time is a complete pain.

Recently, I’ve been enjoying the California face when not working and the info graph modular with the calendar when working.

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