Why choose Apple Music over something else?

If you don’t listen to a lot of new music, I agree, but I was talking about with a constant influx of new music. Let’s say, that if on average about four albums come out in a month that I want to listen to, the streaming service is going to be about a quarter of the price (at least). This is assuming there is always new music coming out I want to listen to of course. When I was younger that was the case, but not so much now.

I don’t listen to a lot of new music. So ideally I could go without a service at some point if I really wanted to, but that is going to take a large initial outlay of money to get to that point (filling in the gaps of all the CDs I never bought because they were on Apple Music or I bought bad MP3s of for over a decade). As I listen to less and less new music, the services make a lot less sense. So I am working on making that transition.

But the services also make it easy. Managing a large digital library of music takes some work. Tagging, managing files, backups, and software. The services really do offer a good value for all they do…if you want that kind of thing.

One thing I have found I really like about Tidal. In Apple Music there are 4 personal playlists (new music, your mix, Get Up, and another one I have already forgotten). I used these a lot when I had Apple Music.

The problem was that they influenced what I listened to. I have some main music styles I listen to a lot. When I listen to those Apple personal playlists, I want that music. Except sometime I listen to classical, jazz, or background type of music (Brian Eno type stuff). So if one night I am in a jazz mood, all my Apple Music playlists would shift to a heavy jazz focus. Sometimes I would think I shouldn’t listen too much of some music, just so it doesn’t screw up my playlists. (Stupid, but it would always cross my mind.)

Tidal has 8 “My Mix” playlists, to cover everything. So if I listen to a lot of jazz, I end up with a mix for jazz. Except the other 7 are all other types of music I listen to.

After almost a month and half of using Tidal, I like it far more than Apple Music. Better playlists, better apps, and it integrates with other services. Highly recommended.

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I get that, but what I was driving at was this statement…

That, I disagree with. But unquestionably, buying physical media is more expensive than streaming unless you eventually stop getting new music.