Why does the forum remove quotes?

When I am replying to a specific thing someone says by quoting them, Discourse is auto-removing the quote. That seems to be unique to this forum. Is there a reason to do this? Quotes are great for showing what you are referring to in a comment.

Anyone else agree or disagree? Any chance of changing it?

No issue here.

I think it will only auto-remove if you reply right after someone and quote their entire post, and that’s a standard Discourse feature to avoid clutter since there’s no need to add context by quoting in that case.

Yes, you are right, it does, but sometimes I am not replying to the whole thing, just one small part. I want to make that obvious.

I remember seeing the same question be asked on a different Discourse forum about a year and a half ago. I hope this helps!

Also, what is your new profile picture supposed to be? It is much better than the default profile picture that Discourse provides, but I am mostly just curious.

Thanks, but it must be a system setting the admins chose to make. Other forums do not do it.

It’s not a huge deal anyway, just wondered if anyone else agreed and if it could be changed if so.

We definitely haven’t changed anything on that front. It’s weird that it’s happening though!


Yes, it is weird @RosemaryOrchard ! :slight_smile:

Did you figure out the issue @Leeabe51 ? I personally need a course on Discourse!

Nope. I am assuming this is default Discourse behavior since they didn’t change anything here. The other Discourse forums I have visited must have done something to remove it. It’s annoying, but oh well.

How are you doing this?

I created this post by selecting the part of your post I wanted to reply to, and tapping “quote”.


Are you replying to the original post in a thread, or subsequent posts?

I selected the quote and hit quote pop up.

Edit: this is from my phone. It didn’t remove it. Last time it removed my quote I was on my Mac. Will edit this post from my Mac later.

Try selecting the text you want to quote, from a previous posting, and click “Quote” to start a new reply containing the quoted text.

That’s the way I did it thanks.

Ok, it appears not to be doing it anymore. The day I posted this, it did it twice. I guess it was just a Discourse bug. Thanks everyone.

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Consider reporting it on Discourse Meta.