Why is my iPhone offloading my apps?

I have an iPhone 8+ running iOS 14.5.1. For a few months now, I’ve noticed that when I try to open an app I haven’t used in a week or so, it’s no longer on the phone. My phone seems to be making its own decisions on what to offload, and when.

Is there a way I can control this behavior? I looked in settings / general / iPhone storage — I know that is where you can choose to offload apps, so I was hoping there’d be a setting to regulate this, but no luck.

Would love to hear if others have had this problem and if so, how they solved it.

There is a setting called “Offload Unused Apps”, did it get turned on some how?

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Can you check if “Offload Unused Apps.” is turned on in your device’s settings?

Settings,” and then tap “App Store” (or “iTunes and App Store” on certain versions of iOS and iPadOS). Scroll down and toggle-On “Offload Unused Apps.”

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that was it! Many many thanks! I had gone into settings and searched for “offload” … wonder why it did not come up? Never thought of looking in the App Store - kept looking around storage.

it must have, Ben. I had not even known the setting was there…,.

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