Why is Photos trying to save power? Why is this the default behavior?

I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max and even on Wi-Fi, I find Photos not syncing photos to iCloud because it says it’s saving power. I can turn this off, but I have to do it many times over.

I am not in Low Power Mode, nor have I found any settings in Photos nor Battery to control this behavior.

I saw an old post with the same issue below, but there have been no solutions.

Any ideas?


When I tap Resume, this is what I’m shown.

Looks like you have 1 item that is causing this issue. Problem is… which one out of 126,468 is corrupt???

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It’s a bug. Restarting or physically plugging in may help. There is no way to permanently disable this annoying feature, either.

What is your Battery Status?

Everything will clear if I Resume updating. Surprisingly, I think my whole library is intact without any corruption. It’s just that after taking a new picture, it’s not sending it to iCloud until I resume it.

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I’d cropped out the rest of the screen, but it was about 90% at that time.

I didn´t talked about the level of loading, but if the Battery might be in “Service” Status?
Here is how to confirm that

I have this same issue from time to time. I can be on Wifi at home too. It’s maddening.

My battery service status is at 100% and it does this.

IME, Photos tends to be pretty power-conserving regardless of battery percentage. Best way to get it to upload (aside from hitting “Resume Updates” is to leave the phone connected to power.