Why M1 is so fast

This is a superb article that I got via the six colours website.


Interesting article, reminds me of old days in school, when I was studying micro-processors. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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But fortunately for AMD and Intel, Apple doesn’t sell their chips on the market. So PC users will simply have to put up with whatever they are offering.

True but RISC-V is likely to attack that market

As is Qualcomm. Potentially other ARM licensees as well.

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Yes …the RISC-V is a license free ISA. Essentially it’s the most promising open source hardware we’ve seen in a long time.

That was a fascinating article. Thanks for the pointer. Now I’m even more impressed by Apple’s architects.

I remember back in the 80s when RISC was the hot new thing that was going to take over the world. Then it faded into the background after some high-profile failures. I never thought that it would come back via this convoluted path.