Why no : on the keyboard?

I frequently run into a very frustrating issue on the iPhone. For most apps: it’s available on the screen keyboard but not in all apps. For example, in the first screenshot below the colon is available in the Drafts app. However, in the Amazon app it is not available. What gives? This was frustrating because I used : in front of shortcuts for text replacement. It appears that I’m going to have to change it to something else that is universal.



The one from Amazon is UIKeyboardTypeEmailAddress, a keyboard Apple supplies specifically for email address fields. The Amazon app is being a good iOS citizen by specifically using it. It doesn’t have a colon because generally speaking a colon is not a valid character in an email address.

A long while back I switched from using a semicolon to start my text replacement snippets to using “x” because the latter was more easily accessible in iOS (I believe this was a Katie Floyd suggestion).


If we’re talking about text replacement triggers, I use -- personally.

The “normal” Amazon app keyboard includes a colon.

My apologies but I’m a bit confused. Is there an Amazon keyboard?

The screen shot is the the keyboard in the Amazon app when entering a search term for something Amazon sells.

I see, that must only be available once I’ve logged in. My difficulty was logging in trying to use one of my triggers for my email address.

I get into this issue as well since my trigger is , which I always neglect to change.

Apple provides built in keyboards to App Developers.

There’s the standard one which appears in generic text fields, e.g. search in Amazon, but there are also specific keyboards for fields such as “email Address” which only includes the characters allowed in email addresses, plus a modifier for the extension, e.g. .com .net… The other one i’m aware of is the Number Keypad which only shows the numpad e.g. phone number fields.


To my understanding there are two keypads, one for phone numbers and one for other numeric uses.

Well, I have learned something new. Thanks to you and everyone else for the clarification. Much appreciated.


There are more than just two.