Why not Apple Mail with embedded links?

There is something I just don’t understand. Most of the mobile email clients I’ve tried are able to have embedded links with the text (If I’m using the wrong terminology please correct me) but not Apple Mail on iOS or iPadOS. Instead, Apple Mail puts a long URL string at the end of the word/s. This may seem like a small thing but it makes for a messy email. I experienced this frustration again today when I used Drafts to compose and send an email to my senior team from the iPad. What gives Apple?

It seems like every choice in email apps is a frustrating compromise. For example, I’d love to use Spark but it does not allow one to “select all” on a message to capture the entire email thread (whereas Apple Mail does). Instead, I have to select Forward then copy all of the text and of course not send the email.

Done ranting. I feel much better now. :relaxed:

do you mean like “this”?


Typing 20 characters.

I recall that drafts allowed that, I used it a lot, but I went to check it before replying and apparently it doesn’t work anymore… :frowning_face:

If I recall correctly, it does if I select preview first but not if I just use the quick action.

I remember doing it directly without preview…

I foound this thread on Drafts’ forum which has a specific action for “markdown mail” but not tested it yet.

Edit: link to the action

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It should work

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I had similar issues as well.

My solution is to use a markdown editor (any will do, I’m just using textastic) to write the email, and then copy the rich texts generated in the html. My guess is that it will also work if you use some rich text editor.

For those not familiar with markdown, the hyperlink syntax is

[MPU Talk](https://talk.macpowerusers.com/)
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Man, I owe you one! I did not expect anyone to be my “tech support” but I appreciate it. That worked like a charm. Thanks!

I used to work for the 50th largest corporation in the U.S. We had a manual that described the required structure of our business letters. The exact Pantone color of the logo, the font to be used, the paper weight, margins, etc. And for a few years after the introduction of email most people took pride in the way they composed their messages. Those days are long gone.

Email has devolved into possibly the number 1 productivity killer and I applaud the efforts of those in business that are seeking to drive a stake through its heart.

I am happy that some people, like you, still take pride in your correspondence. But based on the messages I was receiving before I retired, including some from managers and executives of several major corporations, you are in a very small minority.

Don’t let the little things overly concern you. But keep up the good work. :+1:t3:

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That was a nice thing to read, thanks. :slight_smile: That rather reminds me of the words of Jesus, ““One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much.” I think that puts you in good company. :slight_smile:

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Well I’ve been both of us tech support :wink:

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“I hope this text message finds you well.”


I’m pretty sure it is called a hyperlink. :slight_smile:

Indeed, I’m not sure what I was thinking when I wrote that, apparently I wasn’t. :joy:

I just came to MPU to search this very thing. I was able to do a workaround with Drafts app, but in 2021 it seems very surprising to me that this is necessary. I’m using an iPad 2020 with the magic keyboard. I tried command K like I do on my Mac and I got nothing. I hope this is something they address very soon!

The other reason this is a pain is although workarounds like those mentioned work, they always want to create a new mail thread and generally I’m replying to someone else’s email.