Why PopClip? #popclip

I used it mostly for two really mundane reasons: copy and pasting in a different format, and character and word counts. For the latter, you just highlight text and (if you have it enabled) it tells you the counts. I used that several times a week.

I wiped my Mac a few months back and didn’t re-install PopClip, but the lack of word and character count on highlights annoys me fairly regularly and this thread might be the nudge I need to reinstall.

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Yes, and for me, both. I also mapped a keyboard key to pop up the popclip menu.

I bought PopClip and happy with how it works. I think it’s a great app built by a good developer. One-time model is also great, always up to support such devs!! Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Keep posting your usage/tricks for PopClips

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You may already be aware, but Popclip has a Discourse forum where the developer is active and helpful. People post ideas and new Popclip extensions and snippets that they have created and the developer chips in to help. He also seems proactive in issue resolution.

Hope this helps.

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I added PopClip back to my Mac this morning after this thread nudged me. I took the opportunity to refresh the actions I use it for (the list of available actions has grown a lot!) and I’m so pleased to have it back.

This morning the word and character count is still my most used function, it’s just so handy if you’re doing writing where you need to keep an eye on counts!

I’ve been playing with Drafts recently so I’m intrigued by the action to send highlighted text straight to the Drafts inbox - I’ve set it up to open the capture panel and it means I can highlight text, click the button, add a note and know it’s saved all without leaving my main window. This seems like a very handy action, though time will tell.

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I published a blog post about PopClip recently: PopClip — The One Mac App I Use Every Day


Popclips without doubt my most used menubar utility. I use it multiple times a day. Can do stuff with the mouse without touching the keyboard.