Widget Editting iPadOS 15 - Not a Fan

I do not like widget editting in iPadOS 15. It’s difficult to place the widgets where I want them, and it seems impossible to create a widget set that is usable in both screen orientations. Suggestions?


Agreed. even the action of adding new widgets causes absolute havoc.

supposedly, if you setup your landscape setup, and then turn it to portrait and set that (i.e. move the widgets, not add and remove new widgets), it should remember both as separate layouts.


iOS widget landscape setup? What landscape setup?

- from an iPhone SE 2 user :grin:


I had to give up. I was trying to reorder four widgets across the (landscape) top of my iPad screen and it was absolutely impossible to do. App icons kept slipping in where the were not welcome and completely messed things up. Every. Single. Time.

It would be trivial for Apple to create an app that lets you place app icons and widgets where you like, but for some reason they seem to think that the existing method is good enough. It’s not. They had that in iTunes a long time ago and it was wonderful by comparison.

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I finally got it done using @geoffaire’s advice but it was waaay too clumsy.

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