Wife needs a used MacBook Air from WHERE?

Hi all! I am a long time listener and a first time poster to this forum.

My wife was using my 2010 MacBook. It has died. It’s the Logic Board. It is so cost prohibitive that I am going to replace rather than repair.

Where is the best place to buy a used MacBook Air? I remember there being a company that used to buy and refurbish old iPhone, iPads and I think Macs that used to advertise on the podcast.

Or is there a better place.

She could probably use one that is older. It is mainly for work, which consists of using Microsoft Office apps.

Thanks for any help!

There’s not any hazing of Nubies, right? I don’t have to eat a gold fish or anything tog te the question answered, right?

You’re most probably thinking of Gazelle. I have sold iPhones and computers to them but I never bought anything from them. They are reputable.

Also, you can look for a refurbished MBA at Apple.

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I would give macsales.com a try. Looks like they start at US$479, 14 day return window, 90day warranty. Seems like a good deal to me.
Another thought would be buying from someone local using the NextDoor app.


Abracadabra! That’s it, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

See also this post by @KurtWerstein about trackers for Apple’s refurbished computers.

This is a take your life in your own hands suggestion, but I have always bought my second hand goods off eBay to great success, the trick is to not just get the cheapest and to find what looks like a person selling the computer not a store.