WiFi 6 and OFDMA

My router died and I bought a Netgear WiFi 6 router. So far it’s been a huge hassle with Apple stuff (Windows computers seem fine with it, although Wemo devices don’t like it either). Turning on OFDMA (the tech that makes WiFI 6 unique, as I understand it), breaks AirPlay. My HomePods seem to disappear with it on. They will play stuff on their own, but will only connect to my iOS/Mac devices intermittently.

Anyone here using WiFi 6 with OFDMA turned on? Any issues?

I have Deco X20s and have had zero problems with wifi 6…though I don’t see any settings to turn OFDMA on or off (and wasn’t expecting any, it should be locked on I’d have though), and I never looked into it at all.

Interesting, thanks. Mine has an option to use it for each channel. Maybe I need to reboot them after updating?

My Home stuff has been acting up in general lately.

Edit: It’s not OFDMA, my big HomePods disappeared and unpaired using them today. Something is going on with my system and I have no idea what it is.

To date I haven’t seen a benchmark that would make me place any value in OFDMA. Tim Higgins from smallnetbuilder calls in the MU-MIMO of WiFi 6 …implying it’s buzzword compliant at this point without delivering tangible real world benefits.

I know your router died and honestly my Velop are dying slowly but I’m holding off for WiFi 6e because early preliminary benchmarks show it delivers with 6e clients and I’m betting that the iPhone 13 is 6e capable.

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