Wifi Trigger in Shortcuts not working

Anyone having problems getting the “when my device connects to a wifi network” trigger in the Automations section of Shortcuts to work? I’m having a problem both on my iPhone and my iPad, and I’ve tried numerous wifi networks. Maybe it’s a system setting outside of the shortcuts app itself?

As always, I’m assuming user error.

Are notifications turned on for Shortcuts?

Funny you ask that. I don’t HAVE a notifications setting for shortcuts. Is it buried somewhere i haven’t thought of?

Neither have I, but they work anyway. I’m not even sure where the setting would be? (@RosemaryOrchard?)

But for this one: did you check the “home” app notifications settings?

a great question - but yes, my notifications for HOME are turned on.

also, i have set this trigger to something else, like launching an app, and it still doesn’t work (I don’t think it’s related to the “Show Alert” action - unless ALL of these triggers create a notification before the action is executed.

small update - it finally occurred to me to try other personal automations. Shortcuts based on time of day, Airplane Mode, Alarm Triggers and Apps being launched all work fine. Only WiFi. I also tried “forget this network” and reestablish WiFi, but it didn’t work. Ugh!

last I heard this was a known issue - multiple threads on Reddit about it:

Oh my God, weirdly this makes me feel so much better. There may not be an immediate solution in sight, but at least I’m not crazy. Thank you!

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Any indication this has been fixed? Cuz it still doesn’t work for me.

I haven’t tried in awhile. I don’tthink it’s working yet, sorry!