Will Apple Watch Series 4 work out of USA if local carrier already support Series 3 LTE?

My parents will be in USA on release date of the Apple Watch Series 4. Locally in Mexico, it’s been since July 2018 that we had the series 3 LTE released and working with the local carriers. Months ago, I got the advice in this forum not to buy in USA when the Series 3 LTE version hadn’t been released locally. However, now the Series 3 LTE is available and working here. I think that the technology or process to use a Series 4 it should not be different than Series 3. I assume it should be possible to use it now in Mexico’s LTE local network as if I had purchased an iPad or iPhone in the store (not locked) since carriers already have service for the Series 3 LTE.

Am I right or should I wait that painful long time so it is released locally (and certainly more expensive)?

The catch may be the different networks available. Cellular does not always equal cellular on the watch - so it might work, or it might not. The difficulty will be waiting for someone else to splash the cash and report back!

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Thank Rose, you are right and I don’t want to be that person :joy: , It is a lot of cash!