Will the new Reminders updates in Catalina/iOS 13/iPadOS kill Things?

As I understand it, you can attach images and documents and such to individual reminders.

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Sounds good. I used a bunch of different reminders apps and came back to iOS reminders.

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My hope is that a beefed-up Reminders forces OF and Things even more upmarket. Established users will benefit. :slight_smile:


And of course, it can be a both/and. :smiley:. I use Things for my usual task and project management. But if there’s something I need to add to my shopping list? That goes in Reminders. If there’s a quick one-off thing that I need to do — particularly if I need to be reminded at a specific time or specific place — that also goes in Reminders.


Playing with the beta… the biggest deterrent for regular Reminders use (for me) is the lack of Projects. Sure you can have a task with sub-tasks but it’s still not quite there for larger scale projects. Things is still a more streamlined day-to-day task manager to me. To make Reminders work I have to store my larger projects in another app, which I’m not fond of.

Like @acavender, I do make use of both though. There are times when I need a location-based reminder (very infrequently) and storing shopping lists. But aside from that everything else goes into Things. :man_shrugging:t2: To each their own though. Whatever works for you. :blush:

What about using Lists for Projects? Wouldn’t that work?

There’s no “completing” a list in Reminders. You can’t even Archive. You have to delete it to remove it from view and then you lose all history of it. It’s also harder to keep documentation of the project in a list in Reminders. There’s no notes field for the List.

It’s the same issue with 2Do and GoodTask. At least with those apps you can Archive or Hide the older “lists”.


I am grandfathered in to 2Do, but just can’t deal with the way it works.

That said, there’s no perfect task manager, and people who are deep into using these apps tend over time to have different needs (or find problems with their old procedures) which tends to result in App Churn. Searching for the chimera of task manager perfection is a trap - I’ve learned that being a satisficer and working around ‘good enough’ apps saves the trouble of constantly evaluating products to maximize productivity (which never happens).

So, if you use Things (or anything else), use it to its utmost and find workarounds for new OS changes when they come, after they come.


Yup. Something I have to remind myself of all the time. :+1:t2::blush:

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Interesting read. I’m a maximizer for sure but I’m continuing to move toward satisficer as time goes on. It’s just a better way to live. But it can be hard sometimes for sure when doubt creeps in. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I have been trying Goodnotes as a Things replacement. There are a lot of things I like more such as:

  • Better Siri Integration
  • Fast button to launch URL embedded in Notes or URL Field
  • Smart lists
    But Things has such a great keyboard support (esp. on iPad) it really is convenient for navigating the app and adding tasks.
    I guess I will have to try the new Reminders before I can decide what works best for me. I am looking forward to try the attachments feature since a lot of task managers except Todoist do not support them.

For most, I think you are right.

For me, there’s always something that Apple leaves out; I believe (in Apple’s mind) they’d rather offer a pared down solution and take 30% on a more complete solution, rather than implement all themselves and get no App Store commission.

I utilize a ‘repeat after completion date’, as well as a ‘repeat on assigned date’. Reminders doesn’t have the former, which means I’m never 100% satisfied with it as my only solution.


I used to think that as well. However, i’ve being trying to simplify as much as possible and have found Agenda’s integration with Reminders and Calendar pretty good for managing projects.

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Yep. You need to use a third party tool. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Interesting. How do you use Reminders/Calendar/Agenda to manage projects?

Just starting with my experimentation with this so far; so very early days. You can set up areas and within that projects for taking notes. Notes can be linked to calendar events and reminders. They can also contain their own internal check lists, which you can link to a reminder (although completing the reminder doesn’t automatically check the list item - yet, at least). You can set up calendar events and reminders from within Agenda. So, it’s a central hub for work.

You can download it for free, although some of the integrations (such as reminders integration) is a free upgrade.

Not a great explanation, I’m afraid. But it’s pretty flexible and others may set it up differently.


Things die very, very slowly. I mean, there are still organizations relying on fax machines…

I predict both will co-exist for a long time.

Oh, I see. So Agenda becomes your interface to Reminders. Neat!

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I just discovered Reminders on Catalina no longer allows me to copy and paste an entire list. It was bad enough when I had to copy a list and paste it into TextEdit, etc. in order to print. Now I have to copy items one at a time? Really?

I’m open to suggestions for a replacement app for Mac & IOS. It needs to allow me to add items via Siri and sync between platforms. My first thought was Things.



Same here. I still use Omifocus just for that feature. Repeat After tasks go in Omnifocus, everything else goes in Apple reminders.

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