Windows and/or Android Users: Is there a PDF Utility You Like On Android / Windows OS?

As someone who uses Smile’s PDF Pen (PDFPen?) and Readdle’s PDF Expert, I was curious if you use something similarly useful on the Android and/or Windows platform.

Windows I used to use PDF-xchange editor.
It worked pretty well, but didn’t look as nice as the macOS ones

+1 for PDF XChnage Editor. Licence was cheaper than the other two and it has far better features.

I use this one.

In the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry, Bluebeam Revu is very prevalent. It is amazing and you pay for it. PDFPen Users will like its toolsets. You can save custom markups in toolsets for easy re-use. You can also export/import toolsets.

If you buy Revu on Windows, then you get the ability to create and manage secure sessions on their Studio cloud service wherein you can allow up to 500 people to simultaneously mark up PDF files. This is fantastic for collaboration.

I love Revu. It does so much more.

Bluebeam used to make a version for Mac, but is discontinued. Version 2.1 will not run in Big Sur, but version 1 will so that is what I use to participate in those sessions I mentioned above.

On Android I was a big fan of Xodo. (now use PDF Expert on iPad).