Windows not opening when I click in the Dock

So…right now I have a number of applications that are open.

If I minimize (not close) an application, and then I click its icon in the dock, nothing happens. I can right-click it and see the list of active windows, pick one, and it will open - but it won’t open if I just click the dock icon.

For applications that aren’t minimized, but perhaps in another workspace or behind another window, clicking the dock icon immediately switches me to that workspace.

In case it’s related, I clicked a link in an email earlier. My web browser was minimized, and the email link wouldn’t open.

This is just bizarre. Anybody have any ideas?

I’ve rebooted a number of times and it doesn’t seem to help.

And if it matters, I’m absolutely current on the latest version (non-beta) of Mojave.

Did you try resetting PRAM?

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I was just about to suggest the same thing!

+1 for PRAM, when I had this issue in the past that fixed it for me.

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It looks like it’s fixed after a PRAM reset. Thanks everybody!

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