Windows (seemingly) randomly not focusing on Command-Tab

I use a bunch of applications, and I Command-Tab to switch between them quite frequently. Seemingly randomly, sometimes the windows don’t come up.

Just now for instance, I was in BBEdit. Typing away, realize I have to check my email for a confirmation of something. Command-Tab to MailMate. The window doesn’t come up. The menu bar says “MailMate”, and I see all the windows for it - but no actual application window.

Or another example. I have a Keyboard Maestro shortcut to open BBEdit and a few other applications that I use for work. Hit the shortcut. BBEdit opens, but does so in the dock, not on my screen. But again, sometimes it works - just not all the time.

In the case of BBEdit, I thought it might have something to do with the shortcut I was using, since it’s the Command-Option-Control-Shift thing. So I gave KM a 2-second delay before opening BBEdit, figuring that would clear the keyboard buffer. Still no luck. So now my shortcut issues a delay, opens BBEdit, issues another short delay, then tells KM to focus the BBEdit window. That works.

This behavior is just bizarre, but when it happens I have to take my hands off the keyboard and hunt around for the dock icon…which is super-annoying.

Anybody have any thoughts on this?

I always have problems with the ⌘⇥ app switcher in macOS not responding. I find Witch is a better app switcher – and customizable: e.g., not only switch apps but pick a particular window for that app.

Is it pretty much rock-solid, in your experience?

Yes, I find Witch is reliable.

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Do you use Slack? I find annoying that closing it with Cmd-W makes Cmd-Tab an empty window when I return to it.
Then I need to click its Dock icon to bring the Slack window back.

No Slack over here. I never really got into it. :slight_smile:

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I always use the keyboard maestro switcher instead of the default one. Find it more responsive