Wireless charging limitations

I have an iPhone XR with a UBPro case, which is pretty beefy, but still not as thick as some of the heavy-duty cases.

The UBPro case has a dust flap over the lightning port, which I think is a good idea.
We recently replaced a car with a car that has a place for a wireless charging pad. I have originally installed USB cables into the tray where the phones go, but the dust flap on the UBPro case makes it impossible to slide the phone onto the lightning connector.

So I’m going to try a wireless charging pad for the car. My concern is that the case is too thick for effective wireless charging. Have any of you tried wireless charging with thick iPhone cases?

It would be nice if there is a control on the phone (Accessible via a shortcut) to disable wireless charging. I try not to charge the phone past 80 %, and moving it to another location while driving isn’t safe. If there was an automatic control to stop wireless charging at a specified percentage of full charge, that would be ideal.

Now, how do I get that idea into the ears of iOS developers at Apple?

You can send Apple feedback here, which supposedly is read and considered.


I would also like to see a maximum charge setting, although there are UX considerations as some people will accidentally enable this and not understand why they can’t get to 100% anymore. Some kind of road trip charge mode that automatically switches off when driving has stopped for long enough might be the answer, like how WiFi re-enables itself.

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I wouldn’t say it serves no purpose. Fully charging and discharging batteries shortens their life.

Think so?

Apple knows better. They explicitly state they don’t wAnt the battery charged past 80% under certain conditions ( though not specified). Previous versions of iOS didn’t do that, which is why I do.


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Tesla even tells their Customers to not go above 80-90% for daily charging, only for long trips when you need the capacity/range. I’d be surprised if Tesla isn’t using modern battery tech.

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