Wireless Mouse Issues when Time Machine is Running

I use a Logitech G602 mouse with the receiver plugged into a USB C hub. Way too often, the mouse doesn’t respond well and moves in crazy ways around the screen, causing me to click the wrong things if I don’t notice soon enough. Almost every time, I’ve noticed that Time Machine is backing up. When Time Machine is done, the mouse stops acting weird. Has anyone else noticed something like this? Thoughts on what I can do?? Time Machine is done through ethernet to a Synology NAS.


My Logitech mouse receiver works better plugged into my laptop. That’s also one of Logitech’s suggestions. USB 3 interferes with Bluetooth, and I would imagine the Logitech receiver is in the same frequency spectrum. Another weird thing, one of my monitors interfered with WiFi, which is also in the same spectrum.


I would agree with @JohnAtl that this could be caused by USB interfering with bluetooth.

Thanks. I don’t want to have a separate thing to plug in every time I connect my laptop to my system and the fact that it’s intermittent, and when time machine is running doesn’t seem to correspond with this. The hub it’s plugged into is different than the hub used for the ethernet that time machine is using too.

Thanks for the info. Looking at Logitech’s site, based on you mentioning it’s a known issue (ps this is not a BT mouse), I decided to plug in my external monitor and try that as a hub. We’ll see how that works. It’s closer to my mouse, so hopefully it works better.