Wires everywhere

I have a bureau type desk in a corner of a snug bedroom.

On top I have a TV and Apple TV, my Nintendo switch dock, an Aerial booster and the Aerial itself.

In the cubby of the desk there’s a Monitor, Mac Mini, two powered UBS drives (3.5”) also a Blu-Ray disc reader and USB hub.

So there are 11 things plugged in and wires everywhere.

I’ve never been good at cable Management, but what tactics do people use to time the copper given that you’re not meant to coil wires which carry power due to the risk of fire.



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Coiling wires in this case shouldn’t be an issue, as the current draw from the devices is so small there will be little if any heating of the wires.

I have a BlueLounge cable organizer at school that works well. It has a small power strip inside. The power brick for my laptop lives inside. Some wires that are excessively long go into the box, coil around, and come back out. That way there are noexcess coils of usb, etc. cables lying around.

Back in the Day™, I used to put a cardboard box behind the computer systems (HP mini computers, 5 megabyte hard drives, etc.) I installed, and would coil extra cable inside. Made for a much cleaner install, and this is a similar strategy. Thankfully, everything is much smaller now.

John, maybe a desk with wall mounted shelves for your monitors, then you can coil and them mount your excess cords under your shelves. It may give you more space and less wire clutter and a piece of mind. Measure and sketch it out, it may work.


Thanks @Mplsgrl! Good suggestion for @geoffaire.

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