Wmv video file conversion

I’ve got some old home video files in WMV format. I’m looking for advice on software to convert these to a format that is compatible with my Mac. A quick search turns up a multitude of options, but I don’t have experience with any of these to know which ones may be better than others.

These are family videos of my son as a baby, so I’d like to maintain as much quality as possible

You can use the free app Handbrake for this task. It has some batch conversion options. Ff you want to just drag the files, click go and then be done with it, you can buy Smart Converter Pro in the App Store.


+1 Handbrake
Put down that cocktail and give Handbrake a try.

I have tried Handbrake - but I have a problem that I want to share with you.
The creation date of the new file is the current date. I understand that this is perfectly logical - but I want to keep the original creation date so that I know when the original video was shot.
Any suggestions?

Run a script to read the timestamp from the WMV file and then apply the timestamp to the new file.


I have a 50:50 recollection that Handbrake might let you run a script at the end. If not you could have Hazel run it (if you have it) or just run it manually.