Word Files Don't Open and Data Loss

Hi All - This is a tough one and I am going to the experts! Has any EVER encountered this??

Just Today I went t use some files that I had not used much in a while (months)… And they would not open - I can read the File Names and the file looks legit and shows a size, but it just will not open; in fact in many instances it is looks like it converts the file name to the same name, but it gets categorized as other See Screen Shot - This is almost exclusively on Office files - and here is the weird thing it ONLY happens on the the stuff in my documents folder on my new M1 MBP - my files in dropbox and google drive that are downloaded to the computer all work fine! I have no idea what to do next. I scanned for malware with Clean My Mac and nothing showed… Can anyone help ?Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 6.32.22 PM

By chance is “Optimise Mac Storage” turned “on”? Maybe files are indeterminately downloaded or in limbo with iCloud? Or same indeterminate sync status in whatever cloud service you might using?

Thanks for the reply! It was, but I am not sure that made I difference. So here is more info… I hope someone can help. The issue seems to ONLY be in my Documents folder on the M1-Macbook Pro. And that folder, although in iCloud never shows up in icloud anywhere but on THIS device, and only Office docs. I think they are becoming invisible??

Anyway, I really need some smart people to help troubleshoot.


Hi All,

I am shocked that nobody else has ever experienced this - I must be describing it wrong.

In a nutshell: My Word Docs will not open on a part of my iCloud Drive that is the documents folder for my current M1 MBP (and as I said, this documents folder, although it says its in iCloud Drive ONLY shows up on this MBP)… Newest info I have is that when I click them I think they get instantly converted to invisible … Ive noticed a period (.) in front of the name…

Anyone ??

Im really curious … Ive managed to recover most of what I lost ( I think)… And I deleted that folder and put things back in Dropbox, but this was really scary!

Yep. Been there done that. “Optimise Mac Storage” does things that works badly for some (including me). Indeterminate sync, no matter the sync engine, does bad things for some. And relying on sync storage as “backup” sometimes leads to inability to actually get a restore (not that you did that, but many do).