Word on iPadOS sync issues

Anyone have issues with sync using Word for iOS?

I have an office 365 sub through work and I prefer to use dropbox or iCloud for syncing (instead of Onedrive). The issue I’m running into is the confusing and flaky sync/save/share options within Word (and I believe the other iOS MS apps). If I open a doc either from within Word itself, Dropbox, or iCloud and then make changes, very often the changes don’t sync if I later open the file on my Mac. I have the AutoSave feature enabled, which should do the trick, right? Or am I missing something?

I’ve also tried to use different combinations of “Save a Copy” or “Send a Copy” to various iCloud or Dropbox folders to no avail. Most often, either option will appear to have saved/sent, and the file will show up in files/dropbox on my iPad or Mac, but the file is empty or can’t be opened (showing 0 for the file size).

Has anyone experienced similar issues and/or figured out the appropriate incantation to make this work? At best it’s frustrating, at worst I’m losing data. :frowning:

I don’t see the behavior you’re describing. But I wonder if it’s related to this issue:

On iOS, I try to use the Files app (and iCloud) for most of my work. iCloud is pretty good at updating itself and keeping the latest version in sync across my iOS devices and my Mac. But if I use other file providers (like Dropbox and OneDrive) via the Files app, Files is not very good about pushing changes up and down. That gets quickly resolved if you open the file provider’s own app (i.e. the Dropbox app, or the OneDrive app). But if you haven’t opened those apps in a while, I think sync gets stalled.

Maybe that’s related to the issue you’re having.