Wordpress plugins - help!

Not an Apple related issue, but here we go in case someone can help…

I’ve just started a podcast and for it I’ve created a self-hosted wordpress website.

I’ve created a couple of websites in the past and I’ve always activated jetpack.

This time though, since I’m using Seriously Simple Podcast and Stats plugins I’d like to check for advice:

  1. Is Jetpack plugin still recommended to be activated?
  2. Is there any good stats plugin?


Jetpack is useful for a lot more than just the stats, so I’d still activate it. The “Protect” feature is important, I think, unless you have another way of handling that.


@HeyScottyJ and I have Jetpack and the Seriously Simple Podcasts setup for Nested Folders and it’s working great for us! In fact, while I set up some fancy automation behind the scenes for auto-sharing, the first tweet that goes out is done by Jetpack


Thank you @andyh and @RosemaryOrchard for your thoughts!

the first tweet that goes out is done by Jetpack

@RosemaryOrchard thanks…somehow I feel I’m going to get into a rabit hole here! :grinning: :man_shrugging:

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