WordPress Theme Recommendations?

Hi all,

I use a WordPress “premium theme,” called Instinct for my blog.

I’m not happy with it. Although it has a customization section that has options for fonts, sizes, etc. for paragraph text and headings, changes I make to the options often have no effect. I’ve had to contact the developer numerous times to make changes.

Do any of you use, or know of, a WordPress premium theme that actually allows the user to modify the default settings in the customization settings? I’m looking for something new …



I’m a huge fan of GeneratePress. I use it on all my client’s WordPress sites. Extremely customizable and performant.

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I had planned to move on from Wordpress, but I might be sticking with it. Currently thinking about the Semplice theme (https://www.semplice.com) which is all about customisation.

In my experience, every Wordpress theme has its limits and idiosyncrasies (some more so than others), and I always come up against something that doesn’t work quite as easily as it should. That said, I’m intrigued by the possibilities Semplice offers. We’ll see…

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I use Twentig which I think has a premium version, but I just use the free features. It’s got a decent amount of customisation on content widths, colours, fonts, etc. It also has a companion plugin with extra block types etc.

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GeneratePress looks interesting. Is it fairly user-friendly, so a relative beginner like me could figure out how to set it up? And I assume I could just select it as my theme in WordPress?

I’m not looking for anything too fancy, I need blogs on the home page by order of publishing, menu, my name as author and date of post, pages for legal, search, contact us, related posts at bottom of home page, etc.

Would you mind sharing you website URL so I can see what yours looks like?

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You can see the address, if you click on the avatar/picture of @zkarj.

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Thanks, I should have looked there. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sure, I have multiple Wordpress sites, but this is the one that uses Twentig.

I’m not sure you’ll “see” much of what it’s doing, but it’s a free theme, so you can download it and play around in the Customiser to see what it can do. So long as you don’t click Publish, your site will remain unchanged.

I used to have another Twentig site but I retired it when I reinvented my “all things” blog as a page-based layout which had different needs.

EDIT: The site my profile leads to is hand coded in Bootstrap.

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I have a bunch of different sites. I use different themes. One thing to keep in mind in terms of customizing themes, is to use the Customize CSS option (Appearance/ Additional CSS). This means you are not editing theme files (and losing changes when you update the theme) or having to create Child themes.

I agree with @zkarj on GeneratePress. Been using it for a while and it has been great. Flexible, easy to deal with within WP Dashboard and solid extensions from Premium offering. I renewed the Premium this year but I could see a scenario where I would renew it every other year and not miss out on much as my site needs are pretty straight forward. My site is below if you want to take a look.

Another publisher of simple, minimal themes is ThemePatio although I am not sure if the publisher is updating them as frequently as GP.

Thank you to all who responded to my request for recommendations. I will be checking out and probably trying one of the WordPress Themes you suggested. :slightly_smiling_face: