Work laptop can't reach personal MacOS content cache

I’ve got a work laptop that I connect to a VPN when I get on it every morning. Once I connect to the VPN, I can’t see anything on my local network. That’s working as designed.

I have a MacOS update available, but every time I try to update, it times out. I was ready to create a ticket for my work help desk, but decided to look in Console messages to see if the update was saying anything - and that’s when I discovered that Software Update was being redirected over to my personal iMac where I’m running MacOS content caching. And that doesn’t work because that’s a personal Mac.

I further confirmed this by running assetcachelocatorutil on the work laptop, which confirmed that yes, it sees my personal machine is a cache, but no, it can’t reach it. It looks like the cache will timeout in about an hour from now, but presumably when I sign out of my VPN at the end of the day, my work laptop will rediscover that cache.

So my question: is there a way to tell my work laptop to either not use caching, or at least to invalidate the entry for my personal mac?