Workflow/App for saving email attachments to a folder

I’m president for our HOA board, every week I get the reports sent as a PDF. I would like a way to save the attachments to a folder. Workflow does not seem to support attachments.

I would prefer an iOS solution, by the time they come in I have shut the Mac for the day.

Could you select the attachment in your email app and then send that to a Workflow workflow? In Spark for example I can use the ellipsis (…) on the attachment, select Open In, select Run Workflow and then select the workflow I want to run.

If you were on something like Gmail, then technically it would be possible to write a Google app script to periodically check your email and save the report out into Google Drive. But my point here is more that if you have a web service you trust with email access then you might be able to manage it without any interaction. Perhaps with something like Zapier?

A final option might be just to automate it on your Mac and let it pick up the mail when you open it up next day. If it doesn’t need to be processed at the moment you pick it up, just have the Mac process it at the next opportunity.

Hope something in that helps.

Thanks. In Spark I can save all attachments to the base folder. I can make a Hazel rule that will run next time I’m on the Mac.

If you use SaneBox, that has an option to download attachments to the cloud provider of your choice. That would happen whether your Mac was on or off. If I recall (I turned the feature off) it creates a sub folder in Dropbox (or other provider) for each sender, so you should be able to easily find the folder on your iOS device. That might get you part way there.

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Thank you for the idea. At this time I do not get enough email to justify SaneBox. It looks great and I will sign up when email becomes unruly.