I have perused the board and don’t see this problem. I’m (finally) getting serious about learning Workflow and am listening to the Connected podcast episodes on this. I’m trying to organize the Workflows I’ve downloaded by color and place on the grid. That’s not the issue. I cannot get back to my personal ‘gallery’ without quitting and reopening the app! There’s no ‘done’ button. I see nothing in settings. . I’m sure it’s user error but I would love some help.



FYI—I have deleted and re-installed the app. .

Interesting. I get a done button in the top right.


Yes, I’ve been corresponding with a friend who is a Workflow.Ios user and he has a ‘done’ button too :slight_smile: NoDoneButton2

Which iPad and what iOS version are you running?

I think I figured it out. . As I said, user error. Is there a way to delete this thread so I’m not an idiot in front of the MPU community :slight_smile:

For anyone else with this issue, it is likely a bug if you have button shapes enabled in the accessibility settings.

I would prefer not to delete the thread because it will probably help someone else!


That did it! Thanks (again), Rose!!

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