Workout logging software?

@Ulli I was looking for a place to track things I track in paper log book.

Time, distance, strokes per minute and maybe split times. I don’t think any app I’ve heard of does that.

@All I tried FitList for a workout last week. I admit I was underwhelmed, very little more than a recording mechanism. Somehow I assumed it would integrate heart from the Apple Watch.

I will try Strong and JeFit in the coming week.

The fancy rowing machines do a lot more than that. I believe some of them have smart sensors you can hook up to a watch like a Garmin, but don’t quote me on that.

The Apple Watch is doing this without the need for a “fancy rowing machine”, it does it with any “stupid” one!
I bet, if you have a fancy machine, it could get more information out of it, depending from the machine.

I mean, that’s what I am saying, his machine does more than that and he would like to log it and the Apple Watch can’t. I am pretty into sports tech, but no one really says much about rowing, so I am not sure what is out there or how it works.

I do know from using an Apple Watch for fitness for 5 years, if you like stats and charts, it’s not great. It is pretty good for running (and getting better), but Health is miles behind Garmin and Strava on stats.

OK, I missed the information, which machine he exactly is using.
I could use my Apple Watch with the waste majority of the training machines in my last fitness studio, because the Watch could connect with them.
But if his special rowing machine has a different standard, it would not be working to get the additional information directly from the rowing machine, that is right.
Anyway, he can get at least the standard values, and can add the two others manually, as he did in writing into his notebook in the past.

What can you get from Garmin and Strava, you can’t get from Apple?

Well the biggest thing is a full web page that lets you see everything easily and manipulate the data however you want to. Do I want to see a graph of how my running power has changed over the last month of runs, or the last year? Average HR? Pace? You can break down all the data so it’s easy to see progress. They also grade your workouts, recovery, do things like lactate threshold tests, segments, etc.

Also, you can look at your GPS maps and display various overlays that you can’t do In the default Apple apps.

It’s not an easy comparison though because with Apple you can get third party apps to do what Health/Fitness don’t. Or at least make it easier.

For the hardware itself, the Apple Watch is limited to Bluetooth as opposed to Ant+. With cycling, and all the sensors you can use, I am not sure you could get them all hooked up to an Apple Watch. You would have to find a 3rd party app anyway.

A lot of this stuff won’t matter for most people, and the Apple hardware is really good. But fitness nerds tend to go with dedicated fitness watches.

Not that I’ve been able to find - can’t find one for Windows or Mac. There’s Golden Cheetah, but I don’t think it’s anything like Rubitrack.

That’s why I asked if there’s anythign else out there. I am not aware of anything even close. But I am also not constantly checking out current products.

I’ve tried Strong for a few weeks.

What I like:

  • Looks nice
  • Easy to click and track individual exercises

What I don’t like:

  • Limited exercises - Doesn’t know tricep kickback
  • Next to useless in tracking rowing, etc - no improvement that I can see over Apple Health

On to try JEFit