Workspaces vs Workflows

We often get the workflows podcasts (which are amazing) but equally important but something I feel has been missed would be a podcast about workspace setups. It would be great if a podcast could be produced in the context of different setups and how people work. For instance has anyone tried different desk setups such as Varidesk or Yo-Yo desks, is the £100 setup (on Amazon) comparible to a £300 setup? Also it would be good if such a podcast could also talk about different ways of working for example has anyone tried Wework (and if they did what did they think).I know this is not strictly mac-specific but I feel it would be a cool podcast and semi-related to efficient working.

Anyway interested to hear what people think, good or bad :slight_smile:

I’m new by the way so hello! (but been a frequent listener for >2 years)


We use these from Varideks at my office, and overall i think they’re a great product. They are pretty sturdy and snap into place for easy use. The setup also elevates your monitors, so even when sitting, the ergonomics are better. It’s certainly not the same as a full standing desk, but a great way to convert an existing desk.

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I have that exact Varidesk model at work but I’m not completely happy with it. I had to put books under my displays to get them close to an appropriate height, but when I’m seated the keyboard & mouse tray aren’t quite in the right spot for me. If I were a few inches taller (I’m 5’10") it’d be very uncomfortable.

I’m sure part of it is the layout of the fixed desk that the whole contraption sits upon (which also wasn’t ideal before the Varidesk). It boggles my mind that we’ve had computers in the workplace for 30-plus years and our desks still don’t accommodate them properly.

I love my SmartDesk from Motorized sit/stand desks work better for me than the raise/lower computer “stages.”