Worst "Software" Subscription Ever

What I’m saying is that I don’t think Mercedes could sell a package - software or otherwise - that rendered the car non-compliant with emissions laws.

Third parties logically have more leeway. Some of the third-party downloaders I’ve seen have explicit warnings to reset to factory before doing emissions testing or taking the vehicle in for service.

it’s for electric vehicles only, as far as the article says, so no emission at all (I bet it’s not that easy for an endothermic engine car)

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Well, I may have spoken too soon. Maybe I could use it near Santa Barbara.


That’s great! …………….

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Someone got caught in Scotland doing 156 MPH, the cop who stopped the driver noted 2 things

  1. The driver had a child in the back 🫣
  2. the stopping distance at that speed was over a quarter of a mile :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Cummins offers factory power upgrades for some of their diesel engines. You can increase horsepower from 340 to 360 or 380. Does not affect warranty.

Mercedes has long offered “hardware” upgrades in conjunction with Brabus as well as different sportier versions of most models, so refining performance for those that want it via software seems a logical step.

I actually drive a Mercedes, would I pay this? No but we don’t really have the the roads of traffic that warrants the need for fast acceleration, but I can certainly see it being useful in some locations for those that want it.

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When Mercedes simply doesn’t charge enough: Brabus Mercedes! :rofl:

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Just curious: is it possible to negotiate these payments at purchase? E.g. could you arrange for a few years of this subscription as an incentive to buy the car (in normal times?)

You can probably buy it outright at the initial purchase.

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Street racers are just short of attempted murderers. Subscribe them to have a clue!