Would you buy a 6.5" iPhone?

BGR says it’s definitely coming.

By comparison, 6.5" is a little bigger than the 6" screen of the Kindle Paperwhite. And I’ve thought for a couple of years that the Paperwhite would be the ideal tablet size for me. I could use my phone for most of the things I now do on my iPad.

On the other hand, 6.5" is a LOT of phone for everyday carry.

Which reminds me: The mobile needs for people who work on their feet all day – medical pros, police, field service workers – are lightyears different than for those of us who work at desks. And according to research I did for an article not too long ago, some 80% of workers are “deskless.”

Hard to imagine carrying something that size the way you’d carry a phone (in a holster, etc.), but with my eyes the bigger the better!


I have the 8 Plus and I plan on going bigger if Apple offers the bigger model in the Fall.

I have a 8 Plus with a battery case and I use a utility hip bag which holds my phone and other items. I have tried different hip bags just as I have backpacks. I’m always on the lookout for a good bag.

Think it would be too big for me. I never got on with the plus size. My X seems pretty perfect size wise.

I did have an iPhone 7+. I liked it a lot. I loved the big display, but with its bezel, it was a little too big for me to be carried in my front pockets. I did carry it that way, but it was not very comfortable.

Then I got the iPhone X. The display is about the size of the 7+, but the phone has more the size like the regular iPhone 7 (or 8 for that matter).

It was then when I really discovered how uncomfortable I had been with the big iPhone 7+. So, I swore not to ever get a bigger iPhone again.

But… Now I catch myself thinking about how nice a 6.5 inch display with almost no bezel would be!

Yes, nobody needs a phone that big. I agree. Well, the thing is that the iPhone stopped being just a phone to me. It has become my primary “computer” to some degree. Yes, I use a Mac and an iPad. But with Drafts, Things, Reeder, 1Password, Safari, Workflow and so on in their current incarnations, sometimes I am stunned how much can be done with an iPhone. With a screen of 6.5’’, I am sure that I could do even more. And the iPhone is always with me.

I am really on the fence: functionality vs. convenience…


If it’s like the iPhone X in that you get a bigger display without being as physically big as a the old style that had a forehead and a chin then I think it would be manageable. I’m of the opinion that you can never have enough display space, whether Mac or iOS. I don’t have particularly large hands (short, thick fingers instead), but I loved my 7+ and would happily get an X+.

Never. I recently traded in my 6S for the SE… I have smaller than average hands, and always preferred the smaller size which enabled me to use it with hanging to hold it with my other hand when navigating the screed. I decided to get the SE in case Apple decided to eliminate the smaller form factor altogether.

I love the X, but I miss the keyboard width of the 6+. I don’t type as much on the X, because of my fat fingers!

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I feel that with the X I have finally found a device of the right size for me. It fits into my clutches (very important factor, I love my handbags!), is small, charges quickly, but still has plenty of screen space.


BTW, the reason I mentioned “deskless workers” up top is that phablets are very popular among that segment of the population. If you work retail or in some other job where you’re not sitting and stationary much of the time, then a phablet looks great to you, where a PC or tablet might not.

I’m currently using an iPhone 8 Plus. If the iPhone were available with a 6.5 screen, no bezels, like the iPhone X, I would buy it, without hesitation. :sunglasses:

Oh, I have petite hands, but my Loopy case enables me to use my phone with one hand.

Yes I would buy a bigger iphone if apple offered one, as I would not need to carry my iPad in my handbag. This would make it lighter and I use my iPhone more like a mini tablet anyway.

Yes, I think so. I like bigger screens. I’ve always had plus size phones from when they first became available. I currently have a 7 plus.

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I have the 6S plus. Should I purchase the X, or is a new iPhone coming out in the near future?

Expect a new phone to be available in September or October. Probability is extremely high.

I’ve been planning on getting this since the first leak last December. This is the exact phone I’ve been wanting since I first heard rumors of the X

I am anxiously awaiting, with fingers crossed, the arrival of the SE2. Size does matter to me if it’s something I need to carry with me all day in a variety of circumstances.

I have an SE, so my answer would be no :slight_smile:

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