Wrong gmail recovery email

Lately, I’ve gotten a bunch of Indonesian (I think) emails from google. It seems someone is trying to login to a gmail account (not mine) but can’t and is trying to reset their password (I think). However, the recovery email that these emails are going to is my gmail account. Someone has mistakenly put my email as the recovery email. Or, it’s possibly some sort of hack. But the email does seem legit.

I’m thinking of just creating a filter so that these emails get automatically deleted but wondering if there is a way to contact google. My address is a free gmail account so I’m not sure they even deal with such things.

Any thoughts?

normal for gmail. Its a regular occurence for me too.

Do you think the emails from google are legit?

yeah, just ignore them or add the filter…

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I didn’t add this because I may be an outlier, but if one happens to have their own email server, you can forward all of your gmail to an address there. On my email server, only US emails are allowed in… I have the whole world blocked. :smile:

I use my gmail account as the alias for any outgoing emails…