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best thing I heard so far = Dictation and type at same time!


The medications reminders could be a big draw for Apple Watch (and iPhone).


Health and fitness is really getting focus this year…

iOS, WatchOS, MacOS… no iPadOS?

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Indeed. It looks like it could be really good for an older person I know.

Unfortunately, she’s still rocking an iPhone 6S Plus, so she likely won’t get the update.

M2…in MBAs…waiting to see if there’s a new Mini coming…

No touch bar in the MBA in the video :frowning:

Amazed there’s still a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

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M2 - Yes this so cool MacBook Air l!!

Must. Remember. That. I. Love. My. M1 Air.


What were the biggest headlines? (I didn’t watch)

It’s still going. They’re talking about the new MB Air now.

It’s going on now. Check the live feed on macrumors.com

Pretty much everything they’ve said.

maybe a bit underwhelming, I’m not impressed really. Apart from the Photo sharing option it seems more of a “cleanup” release so far

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The Air seems great, had I not the 14’ Pro, this would be mine!!!

Did they say how many external monitors the M2 MacBooks support?

It looks like the Touch Bar lives on in the 13" MacBook Pro.

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I’m one of the freaks who bought the 13 inch Pro instead of the Air, solely because of the Touch Bar. I use it like a portable Stream Deck (edit: via BetterTouchTool).


And in cars, apparently!

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Spotlight, is that something like Alfred? :wink:


No Mini! I don’t want an M1 Mini nor a Studio.

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