WWDC 2023 - Live chat

Unsure if this is welcome here, or if there is somewhere else everyone is hanging out, let me know! But thought I would start this just in case. 45 minutes!

Watch live here or on Apple TV or on YouTube


Some people (2) are in Sparky’s Discord channel. I’m sure more will be there by the start. :grinning:

is there free entry?

I think it’s just for labs members.

So what’s up w/ the wierdly morphing Apple logo? Kinda looks like an animation of a CAT scan going through slices/planes of a brain…

Great opening video…


was just beginning live keynote and changed my position and stepped on my power plug switch - ack!

15.3" Air - looks nice, I can feel it pulling me in…starts at $1299


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The Midnight Blue 15 inch MacBook Air looks lovely

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This appeal to big PC laptop owners makes sense–lots of people buy chunky compromised Asus and Acer just to have some screen space.


M2 Ultra? geeze… bigger better faster stronger - 192GB of memory?

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They’re going to run out of names… M2 Max Ultra Pro coming next year!


Hey, it happened! Nice!

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Mac Pro M2 Ultra! Needs more names though

Starts $1k more than the 2019 Mac Pro. Caps at 192GB RAM. The PCI expansion gear seems helpful but not general-computing-oriented? (I didn’t get a good look.)

Live Voicemail - actually a pretty nice feature!


That’s very cool. I wonder if it requires the carrier to support it.

These search filters are so badly needed.


Are you there?! You’re like a minute ahead of me :smiley:

Last year I seemed to be a few minutes behind everyone…

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