"xrOS" and you: what would convince you to buy Apple's upcoming VR thing?

Two requirements:
1 A really compelling app that I can’t think of
2 Not make me nauseous using it.

I would be concerned that a headset might damage my expensive prescription glasses.

Generally I’m a fairly early adopter. But…

  1. The use cases haven’t been revealed.

  2. This is Gen 1 of something I don’t think I need.

  3. How it works with glasses hasn’t been revealed.

  4. The likely price is that of a MacBook.

So, at this point I think I’ll pass. But I might be persuaded.

Would you be interested if someone came up with a way to do VR without a headset? And if it didn’t cost more than your house? :grinning:

If it’s good enough to use as a full computer on the train I might be interested, though the lack of a keyboard would be an issue.

Augemented Reality not VR, wearable all the time so thick glasses style would be ok, display readable outdoors, open API not locked down, clean easy ways for app developers to send data to and from the device and integration with shortcuts and Siri.

Use cases:
Link to my AnimalTrakker system for animal lookup and display of an individual animals data (pedigree, lambing records, illness or injury data, drug withdrawals etc) via a voice or bluetooth request based on one or more id types (EID, visual tag, name etc) Bonus if I can look at a sheep tag and have it automatically look up a basic set of data.

Guided VR repairs of equipment would be ideal if integrated with Colorado’s new Right to Repair for all farm equipment.

Integration with pattern matching for plant, bird and wild animal species info. For example, I look at a plant, ask for data on it, the system identifies it (see PlantSnap for that part) then gives me details about it, like if it’s a noxious or toxic weed I can then ask for antidotes for the species that ingested it, or ifit’s a good forage I can see details about type say tillering grass or legume etc.

For birds can be used to identify by lookup and then perhaps add to a lifetime birders list.

Ditto for animal species

For hiking integrate with a detailed mapping and direction finding so that I can look out and have the mountains identified, get the compass direction I am looking and perhaps an overlay of some area of interest (Wilderness boundary lines, irrigation ditches, hunting GMU boundaries etc) Will need integration with GPS

These are just the immediate uses.

Hence the key factor is a clean and open API. Price needs to be down to the $500 or less area as it;'s a peripheral not a full device.


I might! Looks cool. Reminds me of the Nintendo 3DS.

I like @OogieM 's use cases, but personally, I can’t think of a single thing I’d use this for, and definitely not if it comes with a $3,000 price tag.

That said, I also recall confidently stating, “It has 512MB of memory. I can’t imagine ever needing more than that.” So my track record on these things isn’t stellar.


I think of this every time I work on my bug.

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I am pretty sure I won’t be able to afford them but I am really intrigued by what the Apple take on them will be.

I haven’t read any “rumors” regarding this, but I’m not willing to pay more than $600, especially if I need another device to run it.

Plus, I don’t plan on training my neck muscle if these are proven heavy.

VR has been the Next Big Thing™ for around 30 years now.

Maybe the technology is finally mature enough for it to catch on (eg: PDAs vs iPhone), but outside of gaming and some niche cases, I just don’t see a good use for it. Like other people in this thread, I’ve tried VR in the past and it gave me a headache pretty quickly.

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VR does not seem anywhere close to what has been suggested or promised in our latest science fiction. I want to know where the AR (Augmented Reality) has gone to? After Google Glass died and people tired of positioning couches and other furniture in their own living rooms, AR just faded away.

That’s complete nonsense!
(It’s been at least 40 years :grin:)


I would buy it if it could allow me to show and annotate sheet music as if I had a 40’’ display monitor on top of my keyboard. Which is not that far fetched, by the way.


Well, now it seems I have to buy it.


I like to imagine a truly spatial “desktop” where I could arrange all my personal knowledge elements in 3D, select & work on them just by looking at them, interconnect them with a hand gesture, focus on some and then zoom out again for the overview… you get the idea. Doesn’t sound too unreal anymore!

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I will certainly buy one of these!

Right after I buy the exact right lotto ticket…

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$3500. About the same as I paid for my M1 MBA, my iPad Pro, and my Apple Watch. That’s a lot of money for something that makes you look like a beached scuba diver. :grinning:


Now that is funny! :joy: I think that was the point I was making when I don’t think many people will want to wear those in the office or even in the house.

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