Yay - Affinity Designer for iPad just dropped!

Happy Birthday AppStore :smiley:

Just downloaded, can’t wait to take it for a spin.

Check the HW requirements before buying.


Thanks for sharing, I’m looking forward to testing this.

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Yes! Downloaded immediately and been playing with it all morning. The perfect compliment to Affinity Photo which, while good for vector work, was not a dedicated vector app. This will be getting a lot of use on my iPad.

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It’s worth noting that there’s also a sale on Affinity Photo for iPad ($14), and both programs for Mac ($35)!


Instabuy for me. I can’t wait to play around with it some more this week! Then comes the thumb-twiddling while we wait for Affinity Publisher …

This is one of those apps that i will probably open 3 times but it looks so good i’m going to end up buying it.

Been requesting AD for iPad since Photo dropped. Woke up at 4:00 AM earlier and surprisingly checked my email and saw the announcement. It was a dream come true. Bought it immediately and started watching tutorials.

Big day for iPad Pro designers with Procreate 4.1 and Affinity Designer being released at almost the same time.


It was an insta-buy for me too. Then I turned around and bought it for a friend who’s been waiting for it to be released.

A great day for anyone who creates (esp. commercial) art on the iPad :smile: