Yelp Bookmarks - Call for Help

Question for the hive mind: I have hundreds of bookmarks in Yelp – restaurants I love in various cities, restaurants I want to visit, both at home and on the road, etc. It pains me, though, to think that this list resides only in Yelp, and that if they ever get bought or go under, or simply decide to abandon their bookmark system, it will be completely lost. Can anyone suggest an alternative, or a working means to export my bookmarks? Yelp changed their API a few years ago, so all of the googleable solutions to exporting Yelp bookmarks no longer work.

TIA, David

Thought I’d try to give this a bump, since the problem remains unsolved!

I have no idea about Yelp’s API. Are you a programmer? Some sort of screen scraper would be an ugly-but-useful way to accomplish what you’re looking for.

Or something like this → Link Gopher

A tool like that would let you save all the links on a page, and you could logically remove any that linked to Yelp.

Either process would be a bit of work, but you could get your data out. Keeping it updated would be a different matter entirely. :slight_smile: